On Learning that my Ninjutsu Extends Only to Spiders

One Lump or Two?

There are certain things in this world, this great big world of ours, certain happenings, which, despite their apparent banality, cannot truly be appreciated until they’ve been experienced first-person. Prior to that, no imagination can approach them – not really. The problem is that, in your fantasies, you always have the power of graceful response to any situation. The situation itself is immaterial: it’s your imagination, and the mental avatar that represents you there has endless lives. Endless lives that he nonetheless rarely needs. The obnoxious word “sangfroid” comes to mind. The increasingly obnoxious phrase “like a boss.” Qualities whose wide-spread idealization speaks to their rarity.

But then, one day, finally, you come face to face – with The Real Thing.

You come face to face…

…with your first mouse.

Mouse, noun: a small rat, whose smallness is frequently mistaken, as it is in young humans, for cuteness.


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Tools to Promote Your Events

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Party planning for the holidays? Scheming up a New Year’s Eve 2013 bash? Or, maybe you host regular gatherings, like a weekly book-swap-and-wine-tasting night, or are planning “NaNoWriMoNowWhat?” writing support sessions in November and beyond. No matter your type of event, we hope you’re using the tools available to promote it!

Here’s a rundown of features you can use, right in your dashboard:

Themes to showcase your one-time and recurring events

Eventbrite themes

This fall, we launched a pair of nifty themes specifically to promote one-time or recurring events. On these Eventbrite themes, you can:

  • Make a page to allow attendees to register and buy tickets.
  • Create a page for blog posts to publish updates for your attendees.
  • Feature your events in a carousel.
  • Activate widgets for registration or message customization, which you can add to your sidebar.

Don’t want to use an Eventbrite theme? You can promote your event on another theme…

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