MapReduce Patterns, Algorithms, and Use Cases

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In this article I digested a number of MapReduce patterns and algorithms to give a systematic view of the different techniques that can be found on the web or scientific articles. Several practical case studies are also provided. All descriptions and code snippets use the standard Hadoop’s MapReduce model with Mappers, Reduces, Combiners, Partitioners, and sorting. This framework is depicted in the figure below.

MapReduce Framework

Basic MapReduce Patterns

Counting and Summing

Problem Statement: There is a number of documents where each document is a set of terms. It is required to calculate a total number of occurrences of each term in all documents. Alternatively, it can be an arbitrary function of the terms. For instance, there is a log file where each record contains a response time and it is required to calculate an average response time.


Let start with something really simple. The code snippet below shows Mapper that simply…

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