HTML5 Modern Web App and Google Cloud Endpoints (Part 2 Of 3)

Ido Green

Brad Abrams and I had a great time doing this session: “HTML5 and App Engine: The Epic Tag Team Take on Modern Web Apps at Scale” at Google I/O 2012.  Here is a little walkthrough on ‘how to built it’ from zero to hero in less then 60 minutes.


  1. Google Plugin for Eclipse
  2. Google API JavaScript client library
  3. Sign up for Cloud Endpoints

User Experiences demands are pushing modern web apps to a more distributed architecture.  A pattern many developers have used is using a MVC framework on the client and communicate to the server with REST. Google App Engine’s easy to build, easy to manage environment makes it ideal for REST APIs for Web backends.  At Google IO 2012, we made it much easier to build REST APIs on App Engine with Cloud Endpoints.

Cloud Endpoints enables you to build REST and RPC…

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