Don’t use DAO, use Repository

Thinking in Objects

Data Access Object (DAO) is a commonly used pattern to persist domain objects into a database. The most common form of a DAO pattern is a class that contains CRUD methods for a particular domain entity type.

Assumes that I have a domain entity class “Account”:

Follow the common DAO approach, I create a DAO interface:

The AccountDAO interface may have multiple implementations which use some kind of O/R mapper or executing plan sql queries.

The pattern has these advantages:

  • It separates the domain logic that use it from any particular persistence mechanism or APIs.
  •  The interface methods signature are independent of the content of the Account class. When you add a telephone number field to the Account, you don’t need to change the AccountDAO interface nor its callers’.

The pattern has many questions unanswered however. What if I need to query a list of accounts having a specific last…

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